Starter Books


Magic of Rapport, Jerry Richardson
One of the first and foremost nlp business books on rapport and influence.
Our price: $22.00
Time For a Change, Richard Bandler
Richard Bandler describes time distortion and other phenomena in this book that begins to dabble in the area of DHE™. Available in Spanish - Click here
Our price: $25.00
Adventures of Anybody, Richard Bandler
This NLP book is a fairy tale by Richard Bandler, and this one must be read aloud!!
Our price: $15.00
An Insider’s Guide to Submodalities, Richard Bandler & Will MacDonald
This book provides more of an explanation and nlp techniques for using submodalities for change.
Our price: $16.00
Using Your Brain for a Change, Richard Bandler out of print, limited supply, quantity limited to one per person
This nlp book is the groundbreaking book by Richard Bandler as he introduces how we can use Submodalities to change our thoughts easily. out of print, limited supply. (LIMIT ONE PER PERSON)
Our price: $35.00